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Our 23rd Year

Getting a good web site up and running is not difficult and doesn’t take that long - if you have the right team on the project.  MAX brings together the necessary disciplines and provides an integrated teamwork approach that simplifies the process.  Our process consists of three primary steps including:



Concept and Design


Nearly everyone has concepts and ideas when it comes to a graphically-oriented project like web site design. Naturally the challenge is selecting the concept that is most viable and best suited for your company’s products and/or services. Joining with your internal team members, MAX will help guide this creative effort to keep the process on target, on time and on budget without compromising creativity.


Implementation and Quality Control


Once the site design has been approved, the implementation phase kicks into high gear.  You and your team can expect to interact with MAX as needed to provide important feedback as the implementation process moves forward.  


Site and Search Engine Optimizing


Once the site is ready to go live, MAX will begin the process of optimizing the site to obtain MAXimum organic hit exposure from the leading search engines like Google, MSN, Bing, Yahoo, etc. We will also present your marketing team with information and options available from pay-per-click advertising.


Call us or shoot us an email, , so we can lean more about your plans for building or updating your web site.


In addition to the MAX web site you’re visiting now, here are some more web sites developed by Team MAX:



How important is it to have a “good” web site?  Here is a quick way to find out.  Identify 3-5 companies that are in your line of business a.k.a. competitors - especially those larger than yours.   Make a visit to each of their web sites, and compare the creativity, depth and quality to your site.  Remember, your web site will provide your potential customer with his first opinion of your company and its products and services.  Let us help you MAXimize your web site today.

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