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Our 23rd Year

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MAX Marketing knows how to get prospects out of their house and into your dealership - we've been doing it for 20 years from Maine to California. Here are a few samples - we have thousands! Call us and we'll send you samples that we know bring in customers.

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Scratch-offs bring all types of promotions to life and bring in the prospects.


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Garage Sale, President's Day, We're Moving - if you can think of a theme, we've probably done it! Or, we can create a promotion just for you!

We have Special Finance & BK mailers that bring in the people that need your help to buy a car. Our credit scored data makes them easy to find.

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Service after the sale = steady cash flow for your dealership. Max Marketing service mailers are a constant reminder that you're there when they need you!

Hometown Yearend Blowout 12.102.jpg

In direct mail, sometimes size does matter! We’ve got really BIG mailers for really BIG Sales…or just because you want to be the biggest item in the mailbox.

You don't need an envelope to send mail! Tubes, boxes, keys can all go into a mailbox and attract traffic to your dealership.  

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